Tuesday, April 04

Managing Your Thoughts : Part 1

The mind is a beautiful thing - highways and byways of neurological wonderment.  The mind, a command center that runs and regulates our human frame and governs our five senses, allows us to not only think, but to experience. It is designed to sort through thoughts to process and interpret spoken and unspoken language.  Movies and books have been written on it. We have admired men like Einstein for his theories of relativity. I have often thought to myself, what if I had been the first person to walk the planet, how far would my thought process have brought me… brought us? Do you ever think like that? I have to laugh and say, I probably wouldn’t have made it to fire or the stone wheel. 


It is estimated that we have 48.6 thoughts per minute; that would be 2,916 thoughts per hour, 69,984 in a day, 489,888 in a week and 25,474,176 thoughts in a year.  (If the math isn’t right please don’t judge me, that’s not my gift set). Do we need a vacation yet? Hawaii anyone?  Xanax… no just Jesus please! That’s a lot of thinking. One of my favorite authors in the world is Joyce Meyers. She wrote a book called ‘Battlefield of the mind’…great book by the way. She often refers to “stinking thinking”, which makes me laugh every time she says it.  Of all those thoughts we have in a year, how many of them are marked by “stinking thinking? How many of those thoughts were actually our own? How many were actually reality based on things that happened, should happen, or things we only imagined or processed through our own understanding?  Check back Thursday for Part 2!


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